The doctor told me once that if you showed a caveman our technology, he would think it was magic. And that if you showed modern man magic, he would think it was technology.

  1. male game designer:hey maybe we should treat women like people
  2. male gamer:how could you say these things... i trusted you... i have lost a hero on this day

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The Art of The Evil Within

Fans of horror and crazy monster designs may want to pick up TangoWorks 'The Art of The Evil Within'. The hardcover tome will come packed with plenty of concept art and sketches from Shinji Mikami’s upcoming survival horror game. Priced at $39.99, it comes out a day after the US release of the game (October 14th). 

Hell, why not the mall? You know, wait at the Gap. “Hey! It’s time for the meet!” You know, I’ll put down the flat-front khakis, head on over, grab an Orange Julius. Skip the part where psycho lunatic Tuco, you know, comes and steals my drugs and leaves me bleeding to death.